5 Things You Don’t Know about Manga

mangaManga is wildly popular in Japan and throughout the world, which we all know. It has create a hysteria every since the late 19th century that rivals or even overtakes popular comics from the US such as Marvel, DC and others. Here are 5 things you don’t know about Manga:

1. Death Note Might Be Adam and Eve

With Ryuk as the snake, Misa as Eve and Light as Adam, there are several underlying similarities that bring the two oddly close together. While we don’t know for sure, it is definitely something that piques our interest!

2. Naruto Might End

It’s obvious to some that Kishimoto wants to end the popular Manga, but how exactly will it happen? Well, we don’t know but it’s definitely coming.

3. One Piece is the Best Selling

While there’s FUllmetal, Alchemist and Noragami, there’s only one to rule them all and that’s One Piece coming in with more than 345 million volumes.

4. Essential Oils

Manga has some surreal stories and is closing tied to Japana’s culture, but what we don’t get is how it never used anything from the land as a powerful remedy such as ginger, lavender or frankincense for essential oil uses that could be super powerful to any of the characters.

5. Sharing is Caring

While some may call it littering, most are very thankful that when someone is done with a Manga it is common practice to leave it on a table, bench or somewhere in public site for another fan to read and enjoy.


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